The Problem

The Problem

In this digital world, our identity, personal information and documentation is held by different enterprises that we come into contact with.

Whether you’re applying for a job, buying a home or getting a new bank account, our identities and information play a central part in that transaction. We are forced to share this on an ongoing basis. Our details are often duplicated, fragmented, detached and handled with no real visibility.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We propose a revolutionary way to store, verify and re-use digital identity, personal information and documentation. Organisations will request for your data and once stored in our encrypted ecosystem, you can share it with different organisations as many times as you want, from any online device.

The more times your information is verified, the higher your digital identity confidence rating becomes. With your consent organisations can access your live profile in a controlled and transparent way.

About us
What is verimuchme

Completely digital

Digital Consent Framework

Verimuchme digitises personal information sharing making it simpler for individuals to store and maintain ID profiles, documents and data from one single platform. Enterprises can efficiently receive, verify and reuse compliance files, and have ongoing updates through a live monitoring and alert mechanism.

Who is it for?

We serve all user types


Secure request for ID, information and documentation. Receive compliance files. Record additional screening, verify against the same profile. Reuse verification. Capture consent and the right to be forgotten. Complete audit history and live monitoring.


Organisations will request for your ID, personal information and documentation. Once stored and verified you can build and manage your profile and identity confidence rating. Give consent to reuse with the organisation of your choice from any online device.

Digital Services

Get access to verified profiles and identities in seconds. Information exchanges can be audited, all in accordance with Data Privacy.  Verified personal identities can be integrated into any online service, including disclosure without exposure.

What we offer

Digital Identity Business Solutions

Our Products and Services. Contact us to arrange a demo.


Temp and Contract Workforce

Receive and re-use candidate compliance files specific to the temporary and contract workforce and streamline processes to save your organisation time and money.  

Hospitality Workers

Get access to verified profiles and identities in seconds. Enhance your Right to Work checks to always ensure compliance.

Public Sector Workers

Ideal for organisations handling data for social care workers, health care professionals and teachers. Digitally upload and re-use verified references that can be shared across multiple local authorities.  

KYC: coming soon

Wealth Managment

Wealth managers can offer their clients a truly seamless onboarding experience.  Digitise source of wealth, source of funds and standardised KYC data sets and documents. Re-use Gold Copy identity profiles through a customer centric platform.  

Onboarding Compliance

Organisations can access a Gold Copy identity record that can be integrated with downstream systems for risk, onboarding compliance and account opening. Separating the record and overlaying our platform with its digital consent framework contributes to GDPR across multiple systems.  

International Data Privacy

Organisations can have a digital framework based on geographical jurisdiction and local data privacy laws.  Explicit consent to share the information across multiple locations delivered from one platform.

Devices: coming soon


You can store and share your verified personal information and documentation from any online device. Once securely stored grant consent to share your verified details quickly and easily through peer to peer sharing, have the ability to revoke access and disclosure your verified identity without exposing all your data.


Consent Based Framework

The Digital Consent Framework explicitly records consent, sets out the reason for the request and allows to set the data retention period in accordance with your organisations data procedures.

Compliance Folders

Verimuchme offers features to organise and manage personal information on a granular level with explicit consent to re-use folders for verification and compliance purposes.  Different information classifications can be applied to ensure the confidentiality of that information.

Share and Communicate

Verimuchme enables to digitally share and communicate an individual's identity and personal profile through Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and peer to peer channels.  Any changes to the information can be instantly alerted and refreshed.


Document Upload

Verimuchme allows for a wide range of ID and professional documents to be digitally uploaded and has the ability to record the verification against them.

Secure Cloud

Organisations can store data in a cost effective cloud platform and select price plans to suit  their business needs. Our platform is simple and easy to use and gives a great digital experience.

Gold Copy Record

Organisations can have access to the individual's Gold Copy profiles and they can re-use it across many business areas. Gold Copy profiles can have different classification layers for selective and controlled access and still be linked back to the original Gold Copy. 

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