6 Ways to Fix Your Patchy Beard


Beards are trending these days. Most of the celebs have thick rocking beards, due to which men follow them. You may like to go with the latest trend. You may take a week to grow your hair and find that your beard looks patchy and does not go with the trend. This blog will discuss six ways to fix your patchy beard. Yes! You can fix your patchy beard in many ways. There might be a few reasons for your patchy beard that includes disease, hormonal imbalance, or even genetics. But if you are not ready for a massive transformation, then you should follow these trends as well:

Train Your Beard:

You know that patchy beards are tricky for grooming. Continuous removal of the beard might stop the beard’s growth, but regular trimming might be better to eliminate the shabby look. You also have to guide your beard in the proper direction to cover your patches.

Use Supplements:

You can use hair growth supplements that not only work for your hair but also for your patchy beard too. If you don’t want to go for a patchy beard hair transplant, you should try quality hair supplements. It is always better to go for better supplements that include iron, biotin, zinc, and vitamin B.

Shave The Sides:

men shaving

Like the hair on your scalp where you trim specific areas gives a thicker look to the others, you can go for shorter on the beard sides that makes the length look thick and full. If you are not satisfied with beard density, you can bring the jawline down to the middle of the cheek area. You can also create sharp edges down the cheek that gives a good impression to a patchy beard.

Brush It Out:

Brushing is not only necessary for your teeth but also scalp hair. It is also crucial to fix your beard patchy properly. Blood circulation improves with brushing the hair, which aids with hair growth. Every night before going to bed, you should brush your hair with a soft bristles brush. You must be careful and don’t hurt your skin.

Size Of Beard Matters:

If you don’t wish to play with the jawline due to having a patchy beard, increase your beard’s size. A mid-length beard does not seem good due to the hairs curling together and sticking out. Hairless patches get lost in the bush when you grow a patchy beard. You may also use any stay-in conditioner to prevent hair from becoming a wiry mess and smooth to stick out of your chin and cheeks.

Beard Transplant Surgery:

If nothing works, the best solution to do rather than tricking your girlfriend is to get a beard hair transplant. The transplant surgery will provide you with a thick and full beard for a lifetime. Like a conventional hair transplant, a beard transplant also includes turning baldness-resistant follicles from the scalp to the patchy beard parts. FUE hair surgery is used for facial hair surgery as fewer grafts are needed.