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Finding Out Your Kibbe Body Type

The Kibbe body type is a new category of body classification that has recently been doing the rounds of the market and fashionista magazines, particularly by the reason of it being detailed and distinct. What is my Kibbe body type? It’s a frequent question faced by every individual once in a while and the answer can be found through the Kibbe body test. The test was developed by David Kibbe, who introduced the body type classification in his book Metamorphosis, a woman’s style book, published in 1987. He believed that every individual’s features are a combination of yin and yang, which means masculine and feminine traits that make up the physical characteristics of an individual’s personality. How far is that accurate and how does the Kibbe body test let you find your perfect body fit? Well, that’s the purpose for which the Kibbe body test was designed.

How does the test work?

The test is developed by knowledgeable persons with heightened interests in human autonomy and bodily structure and constitutes scrutiny of physical features. The Kibbe body test is therefore a good way to figure out what is my Kibbe body type since it functions on an approved set of criteria that evaluate the type of bones, muscles, facial composition, and shoulder designs of a person. It is an objectively defined test to help an individual gain more clarity on the body type possessed by them and be more aware of their aesthetic value. The test has varied classifications which speak of a broad range of patterns and multi-facet classifications of human bodies, such as the romantics, the dramatics, the gamine, the naturals, etc.

Determining body types

The Kibbe body test uses a set of pre-defined questions to determine the body type of an individual as per its fixed categories. The questions range from queries relating to the shape and size of a person’s shoulders, whether they are narrow or sharp, lengthy or elongated, or broad and lithe, as per which the dominance of yin or yang features will be ascertained. The length of arms and legs are also counted in the result procedure, the shape and length of it, whether they are long, broad, moderate, or exceptionally small. The size of the hands and feet is equally important. Experts usually consider the narrower, less muscular, and less fleshy forms of human bodies to be conventionally more attractive.

The symmetricity of body parts is also one feature considered to be an indicator of human perfection. However, the categories in the Kibbe body test do not typically classify any type as being beautiful or non-beautiful. The dominance of yin or yang, or an equal balance of both, are all socially affluent and desirable body types to possess. While the dominance of more yin can give you a visibly apparent feminine look, and the dominance of yang will make you more masculine, a beautiful blend of the two or even an intersex exchange of the two is nowhere near ugly. The test is just for people curious to classify their body types other than pear or hourglass shapes.